When pain dreams, it dreams of me When I dream I see only darkness I am a black spot in the sky Unknown and invisible to the world Life becomes untenable My eyes dim, my mind fades Love does not exist There is no reason to be And so I undo me Advertisements

Wall Of Sleep

I’m looking for you here again Seems like forever since I’ve been My heart is open wide So be with me tonight   There is no life without you here So now I live within my dreams Behind the wall of sleep     The landscape never stays the same But I need only call your […]

OLN #211

Originally posted on dVerse:
Welcome to OpenLinkNight folks!   This is your opportunity to link 1 poem of your choice as this is no prompt-day. For those who missed the Mr Linky deadline the past week or this Tuesday’s poetics about “The photography of Sharon Knight”, this is also your opportunity to share your poem.   Also, our Haibun…

The Last Tear

I’m tired So tired This broken heart Finds no solace In the bright sun No cleansing In the spring rain My blood runs As the last tear falls Let me go now To fall into The cold arms Of sweet death To sleep forever Dreamless


where am I  what is this place  I stand upon a mountain  high above the earth  warm mist surrounding me  fragrant, glowing  a light dimly seen  beckons me  the mist fades before me  as I move forward  my feet don’t touch the earth  sunlight breaking through  beautiful warm light  swirling around me  flung on azure […]


I find the darkness Soothing… warm and beautiful My thoughts fade to black I hide inside dreams Yet the sunlight reveals me And so i recoil Broken and alone I become my addiction A hunter by night Only blood redeems Only flesh can unburden And so I seek you


Her lips are poison But I crave the taste I die a little every day As she consumes me I give in to the feeling My mind paralyzed My heart frozen My body enraptured I just need a taste I need her under my skin Once more I give in Just to feel her This […]